Alden Hadwen



Beautiful DruidAlden moved to the beautiful, creative town of Stratford, Ontario, Canada in January 2018. There will be an update about that next chapter in her life, posted on this page very soon. Thank you for your interest.

Her family is a great love, bringing depth and meaning to her life.

She enjoys the company of a good dog, likes living in old houses, and takes pleasure in gardening, music and the arts. Although she has traveled extensively, living abroad and in Fredericton and Montreal for extended periods of time, it is the landscape and culture of South Western Ontario, including the southern shore of Lake Huron at Bayfield that have an enduring influence on her heart and mind. This connection, going back for generations, is evident in her work. There is also an influence of Celtic ancestry, a Quaker heritage and a close connection to France as well as a strong tradition of respect for intellectual pursuits, reading and the arts, from both her parents.

Alden hosts a relaxed Sunday morning mix of music and poetry on, 93.3 fm in Gueph on Sunday mornings between 7:00 am to 9:00 am. Whatever the activities you have planned, this program will give you a thoughtful start with some poetry to savour and some mellow music to set the tone - singer songwriters, jazz, classical and folk music tracks that you do not hear every day. This is a show for the garden of your mind; the beauty of nature, philosophy, and ideas to go with a great cup of coffee and a slow easy start to the day.

Alden Hadwen at CFRU