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Hockey Poems Skater

12 Hockey Poems is a Canadian book of 12 poems paired with original drawings . These poems capture how it feels to play hockey. They talk about winning and losing, and sharing stories with teammates on the bench. The poems describe different kinds of players, so familiar that we all recognize them; the Captain, the defenseman, the ‘firefly forward’. One can almost hear the sounds of the skates on the ice and the puck hitting the boards.

Alden Hadwen has published this book herself, and is selling it via this website. Prices listed are for individual purchases. If you are a teacher who wants to purchase a set of books for your classroom, there are special discounts as well as posters for the classroom and bookmarks for students. Similarily , if you are a bookstore wanting to purchase multiple copies for resale, there is a trade discount, and of course posters and bookmarks for display. Please contact Alden directly at

Alden HadwenAlden Hadwen lives and writes in Guelph, Ontario. She wrote these poems for her three sons, Sylvain, Renaud and Quercy Golsse when they were growing up playing hockey in and around the West Island of Montreal. Their father Jean-Marie Golsse was tireless in his support, driving to games and practices and helped coach at one point. Alden has published a book of poems, Beautiful Druid and a new manuscript Isle of Grace, is currently submitted for consideration. Her work has appeared in literary journals. Oz, Liam and Tate are her grandchildren. To find out more about the author, and to read the artist's statement, please go to

Douglas HigginsDouglas Higgins is an artist living in Vancouver, British Columbia. He started out working with set design for theatre, in Ontario and went to study stage and film design at Yale. This led to a significant career in film involving both art direction and design. His work with the motion picture industry has taken him all over the world, and into many genres, as well as technical changes. He also plays classical guitar. Doug takes pleasure in building with wood at his retreat in the Gulf Islands,and has always loved sailing. Isaac and Gemma are his grandchildren.