Alden Hadwen



Alden Hadwen PoetALDEN HADWEN

Artist’s statement 2011

Poetry is the distillation of images and thoughts that flow together like music. Sometimes it just captures the essence if what is, and always – explanation should not be necessary. There should be a universal theme that speaks to the reader.

In some cases, as with the hockey poems, there is a shared lexicon of experience, reference to actions and items that are specific to the game. But truly the poems are about how it feels to play the game with the exhiliaration and energy of that age when one is on the cusp of a more responsible adult life.

I write about the quiet moments, the small miracles and deep feelings of every day. I hope that my poems are like footfalls in the forest, or the infusion of light at dawn, that they are familiar yet transformational -  that they illuminate what the reader already knows, all the while leading to new discoveries.


Alden Hadwen
December 2011